Yearly Stem Yearly Branch
+ wood dragon
Monthly Stem Monthly Branch
- metal goat
Daily Stem Daily Branch
+ wood monkey
Hourly Stem Hourly Branch
- earth snake


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Chronoacupuncture is an ancient method for selecting and needling acupuncture points that are active and therefore more effective on specific times of the day.

Chronoacupuncture, also known as circadian acupuncture or open point acupuncture, refer to the same system of selecting open-hourly acupuncture points, that may be single points, a combination of points or whole meridians. Calculation of these open points are based on the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches used in the ancient Chinese Hsia calendar.


The theory of chronoacupunture goes back to the eastern Han-dynasty (25-200 after Christ) After that period chronoacupuncture was described in different medical writings. More about the historical background op chronoacupuncture can be found in the History section.


There are four main methods of calculating open points, that are described in detail in the Ancient Methods section:


Na Zi Fa - chronoacupuncture based on based on daily branches. (Zi Wu Liu Zhu)

Na Jia Fa - chronoacupuncture based on daily stems using the five elements an the Shu-transporting points.

Ling Gui Ba Fa - chronoacupuncture based on both daily stems and and daily branches using the 8 extraordinary meridians

Fei Teng Ba Fa - an alternative chronoacupuncture approach that is derived from the Ling Gui Ba Fa, using the hourly stem.


The ancients methods and the possibilities of the digital age have given birth to the development of handy applications. An overview of webapplictions can be found in the Modern Applications section.