Your Local Solar Time
Your Local Time Greenwich Meantime

Determination of the correct time (local solar time)

Time keeping nowadays has gone through different alterations due to economical and political influences. Time corrections like timezones and daylight saving are man made and deviate from the natural timecycles that are used in chronoacupuncture.

The stems and branches theory makes use of the true local solar time.
This means that it is based on the highest position of the sun in the sky at


To convert local time to local solar time (LST) take the following steps:

  • Choose the local time at the place of choice
  • Distract or Add timezone(s) above or below GMT depending or your location.
  • Distract daylight savings if applicable (in most cases 1 hour)
  • The result is the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) at longitude 0’
  • Lookup the longitude of the place of choice and divide by 15.
  • Add the result (in hours and minutes) to the previous calculated GMT. This is the Local Solar Time (LST) used for calculation of the stems and branches.