The 5-phases Sheng-cycle


Wu Xing literally meaning the 5 phases, is an ancient system to describe the interactions and relationships of natural phenomena.

Each of the 5 phases Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are associated with different aspects of cosmology, geomancy and nature.

In traditional Chinese medicine the 5 phases are connected to the Zang Fu (the main organs of the body) and their meridians.


The 5 phases cycles

The basic theory of the 5 phases is described in 2 cycles, the Sheng-cycle, meaning thr generating cycle and the Ke-cycle, meaning the overcoming cycle.

In chronoacupuncture mainly the Sheng-cycle is used in the Na Jia Fa.


The Sheng-cycle (generating cycle) is based on the idea that Qi flows from one phase to another in one direction in a circular motion, starting from the Wood element, going through the Fire, Earth and Metal element consecutively and ending in the Water element. From there the cycle starts allover again. This circular movement of Qi is often described in a metaphor:


Wood feeds Fire (burn)> Fire creates Earth (ash)> Earth bears Metal (construction)>

Metal carries Water (bucket)> Water nourishes Wood (growth)


The 5 phases connection to the Zang Fu and meridians

Stem Zang Fu Meridian
Wood Liver Foot Jue Yin channel
Gallbladder Foot Shao Yang channel
Fire Heart Pericardium Hand Shao Yin / Hand Jue Yin channel
Small Intestine Triple Burner Hand Tai Yang / Hand Shao Yang channel
Earth Spleen Foot Tai Yin channel
Stomach Foot Yang Ming channel
Metal Lung Hand Tai Yin channel
Large Intestine Hand Yang Ming channel
Water Kidney Foot Shao Yin channel
Urinary Bladder Foot Tai Yang channel