The Shu-Transporting cycle


The Shu-transporting points together with the Yuan-source points and the Luo-connecting points belong to the oldest point categories used in traditional chinese medicine. These include a group of 66 acupuncture points that are located on the upper and lower extremities on the body.


The flow of Qi and Blood in the meridians is often compared with the metaphore of a water flow, starting at a well, forming a spring, gathering water in a stream, growing into a river and finally flowing into sea. This is why the names of the Shu-transporting points are Jing-well, Ying-spring, Shu-stream, Jing-river and He-sea.


Stem Element Meaning
Jing-well Wood (on Yin channels)
Metal (on Yang meridians)
a deep well
Ying-spring Fire (on Yin channels)
Water (on Yang meridians)
a tiny water stream
Shu-stream Earth (on Yin channels)
Wood (on Yang meridians)
a fast mountain stream
Jing-river Metal (on Yin channels)
Fire (on Yang meridians)
a broad river
He-sea Water (on Yin channels)
Metal (on Yang meridians)
mouth of a river, the sea